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Industrial Dampers for Flow Control

360 Industrial Solutions’ skilled staff custom designs and fabricates different damper types to fit a variety of applications. Depending on the process, our construction materials vary from mild steel to stainless steel, with design options for various temperatures and pressures.

In addition to several flange and frame configurations, we offer multiple blade seal bearing and actuator types. All dampers are routed through a series of tests to assure proper quality and performance in grueling industrial environments.

How Are Dampers Used for Flow Control?

Dampers are tools with blades that regulate airflow. Dampers are typically located in ductwork, between rooms, and between the inside and outside of a building. These devices control temperature, air pressure, and air quality to meet regulatory standards. Industrial facilities require different damper systems based on intended use.

Industrial Dampers for Air and Pollution Control

Many industrial ventilation systems require dampers to manage pollutants produced by industrial processes. Dampers delegate these volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to oxidizers so that they don’t contaminate breathable air. The type of pollutant will influence the style and construction of these dampers, but they generally consist of fresh air dampers, process diverter dampers, and bypass dampers.

Dampers also control waste heat by minimizing leakage from the oxidizer. In the process, dampers improve the facility’s energy efficiency and lower overall production costs.

Types of Dampers Available from 360 Industrial Solutions

360 Industrial Solutions offers several types of dampers for industrial use.

Butterfly dampers

Butterfly Dampers

Heavy duty industrial grade butterfly dampers are custom designed for use in various temperature and pressure applications, where special flanges and other custom features are required. We offer a variety of shape and size options, from round to rectangular, our butterfly dampers offer manual, electrical or pneumatic control options. Flange size and drilling is to customer applications.

One of the most popular types on the market, butterfly dampers are common in ducting systems that require flow control and low leakage isolation. Butterfly dampers consist of a single circular or rectangular blade that swivels on a central hinge. When the damper is fully closed, the edges of the blade press against the seal to keep 90-99% of airflow isolated.

This damper type comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and customizable options.



Slide Gate (Guillotine) Dampers

Slide gate dampers

We custom design our slide gate dampers to suit your particular application. Our rugged, heavy duty designs are available in sizes from 4 to 96 inches. Used in a wide variety of applications, the slide gate dampers are available in round or rectangular design and are offered in various material options. No one standard design is suitable for all applications. After a thorough review of your requirements, we select the best combination of our field proven features and configurations to provide you with the most reliable, economical solution to your isolation problems. We also specialize in custom designs for unusual or severe duty applications.





Atmospheric Tee Dampers

Tee damper

This style of damper allows the customer to divert their air stream to the atmosphere or other process streams and our quality fabrication ensures reliability. There are many styles and custom combinations available to meet your application requirements.

This damper type allows users to divert certain airstreams to the atmosphere or other ducts. We offer multiple styles and design combinations to fit any requirement.

Multi-Blade Dampers

Multi-blade dampers come in either parallel blade action or opposed blade action. Parallel blade action features blades that open and close at the same angle and direction. These blades function best at controlling airflow when they are in the near full open or full closed positions.

Opposed blade action features blades that rotate in opposing directions. These dampers control airflow well at any operating position.

In general, multi-blade options can withstand temperatures over 1800 °F and pressures over 60 inches of water gauge, making them optimal for a variety of intensive industrial processes.

High-Quality Dampers from 360 Industrial Solutions

Dampers are essential industrial components that direct airflow and control air quality. Clients can choose from standard or custom damper types to fit their particular application.

With over 33 years of experience in pollution control, 360 Industrial Solutions creates high-quality solutions for a variety of airflow control challenges. To get started on your solution, request a quote today.